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Mr Alan Wake

     If you are a gamer, think back on the games that you played that still elicit a “Dude, that was the best game ever.”  Games that do that for me are Soul Reaver 2, Legacy of Kain: Defiance, Metal Gear Solid trilogy, God of War I and II, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy X (not X two), Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, and the metaphorical and internal Max Payne.  Of course there are other games but those are a quick run down.

     Recently, I had thought to myself that I have not played a REALLY good game lately.  What is a good game for me?  Dialogue, storyline, gameplay.  Graphics are secondary.  Music can be drowned out.  What really gets me is good writing, a fun time, and amazing characters that one can sympathize with.  There has been a lack of that lately.  Gears of War II was one of the better. The Darkness’ ending was a thrill, the boss fight at the end of the most recent Prince of Persia was amazing.  But as a whole, those games were not REALLY good, as in “Dude, remember that game?”

     Then I met Mr. Alan Wake.  similar to his cousin, Max Payne, Mr Alan Wake swept me off my feet, made his way into my life, and left me wanting more.  If you have not played Alan Wake and are a fan of good storytelling, this is the game for you.  It was moved, in the middle of gameplay, to the top of my list.  And now, for this period of my life, I have that game.  “Dude, remember Alan Wake?”

     Written by the author Sam Lake, the man who wrote for and modeled Max Payne, it has elements I have seen a little before but done in such a way that it is brand new.  Play it.  Do it now.  Stop reading and play it.  That’s all.


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