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First off, let me interject on my own post on how blessed I am to be writing now.  In my little jaunt to the New York City, I ran into several cop cars, fire trucks, and cordoned off sections of Times Square.  So, me being me, curiosity and all that, I tried to jostle myself closer to see what was going on.  After no answers and everyone else pretty much wondering the same thing, me and my group headed back.  Well, it turns out, and this is old news, a product of me being lazy and not writing as much as I should, there was a bomb ten feet away from me.

A lot of people said I was lucky.  “Never tell me the odds.”  Not lucky.  blessed.  God wants me alive a little more on this round ball we call Earth

To return to the real meat of the post, I have never been to a real play outside of church and high school.  Thus I was blown away.  My first real play.  That being said, I may have to be a bit biased.  Regard this with experience and a grain of salt.  I have always been a fan of Max McClain’s voice, hearing it day after day on christian radio reading some scripture.  But when I saw him for the first time, absent was the lumbering old man in an arm-chair puffing on a pipe.  Here was a man, long gray hair swept back, tall and still very much not feeble.  His voice was just as I remembered it, deep and strong.  now, I understand the job of a player is to memorize the script in its entirety.  Well, he had a lot of material to cover and he went through it all without a hitch.  It was amazing.  Again, my first play.

     The script was modernized for todays audience which was nice.  More relevant.  His performance was energetic and full of believability.  You could almost see the fires of hell lapping at his feet.  There was onstage with him another person, a lady, who’s makeup was so well done that she looked like the demon assistant she was portraying.  the special effects (yes, there were special effects) were amazing.  Anonymity allows me to state that I did in fact have a slight element of the effects in a nightmare after that.  Weak, I know, but that’s how good I thought it was (again, I cannot stress, first real play).

     Then we had dinner and I met this beautiful girl.  “Met” as in she showed us to our table and I smiled at her and she smiled back.  That was one of the few times when I wished I was a bit shallower than I am.  But, alas, I am looking for a lasting, long-term relationship, not for a fling or social dating.

This was NYC.  This was my day there.  I definitly recomend the pay to those of you who havn’t seen it and those that have.


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