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Time.  Its interesting how something said to be arbitrarily calculated can be such a critical burden…or release.  As I have alluded in the past post, I have recently been doing a study on today’s culture/generation (unofficial, un-statistical, and unaudited).  This is not for a grade or for a promotion or anything.  Just mere  curiosity (something that drives me more than it should).

I have come upon this train of thought with the purchase ($50 refurb may I add!) of my new smartphone: iPhone 3GS.  In my head, I have an approval rating determined by several versions of myself roaming uninhibited within my head.  With the addition of this new piece of tech, my internal rating has gone through the roof.  Before, where receiving and responding to emails had been a chore, it is now simple.  Where connecting to facebook and keeping up with people was once a hassle (if I don’t normally talk with you to your face, its really not worth it), it is now simple.  And where flipping the switch and investing an hour or more into Desmond from Assassin’s Creed or one of the many variations of Prince from Prince of Persia (yeah, no, not Purple Rain) was a complete almost waste of time in my recent lifestyle, gaming has become simple, and I still can hold onto title of Gamer (slipping slowly and increasingly apathetically away from me).

Yet, with the increasingly simplicity of life (that I was ardently against vocally yet silently jealous of within), I am able to see whole new pitfalls.  As it is not Money itself but the love of money that is the root of all evil, I know that it is merely the poor use of time spent with this new tech and not the tech itself that can lead to all new problems.  The ease at which I can now pull myself from much needed time on my knees with my God is seriously increased.  The ease at which I can take a few seconds to look at a verse is now competing with the want to see whats going on in the world through Twitter (@wpeacejr -my professional avatar or @elterminado -my gamer avatar).

This being said, I believe that the culture is turning more and more to this tech.  Not in a bad way (yet to be seen anyway) but in a way that the way we connect as a community based people is changing.  Community is essential.  This is something I have been learning recently.  We need to pull away from Scot McKnight’s “self in a castle” (http://www.christianitytoday.com/le/communitylife/evangelism/thegospelforigens.html) and turn to the fiefdom of the community (a poor attempt to stay with McKnight’s analogy I understand).  This is where my study has taken me.  Unfortunately, I am now joining the mass of people who have illustrated the problem and have annoyingly not provided the solution.  Have fun with that.

This, then, leads me to another point- The Change.  More importantly, the change being brought about by God in my life.  If you recall, the second post I ever wrote was one on Love and such.  I had also commented on the fact that I was going through some things in life.  That was a year ago or so.  A long time yet none at all.  I can attest to the changing power of God’s love in my life.  And no the easy love where we overlook everything and speak softly to loved ones.  I am speaking of the dangerous Love, Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” (http://crazylovebook.com/), a love from the heart of the Holy One.  This is not to say I have arrived.  No, I am far from there and probably will not have arrived until I see my Savior’s face framed in Glory.  I am seeing character changes, awareness of my wicked heart before God, my awareness of my Justification in Christ alone, and my understanding of how God brought me not only to Himself but into His body, a body of believers.

This is a lot.  It is still largely unprocessed.  It is still fleshing itself out in my mind and heart and soul.  But in the tradition of early philosophers, thinkers, and academics alike, I shall attempt to name this, to call it something, to refer to it by a name or title.  The Change.  Simple, unassuming, non arrogant.  Millions have probably experienced the same thing.  Thus I am not going to take emotional or physical credit.

Ight, Peace.


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