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We look to the Sephirot tree,

Elements and holy founts

Yggdrasil seduces our minds

The mighty serpent intertwined

The tree of eternal life

Its fruit ever slightly out of reach

The healing properties of the shaman’s staff

The wood that splinters and cracks

The five points promise sanity

The emanations do hold sway

Three fold rules and “do no harm”

Constructs that double back

Snakes that bite and trees that kill

Cursed is the hanging man

Writs and wards and hallow ground

Bones and guts divine demands

Scry His fate, the Son of Man

See humble words transform

There is little power to your spells,

Your lore, your trees, your charms

The tree of life is forever gone

From this world we are in

The coiled serpent lusts for flesh

That was never really his

Step down off that unhallowed hill

Swallow thy pride and thy wit

“Fillet of a fenny snake

In the cauldron boil and bake.”

The false prince, throne usurper

No longer dances ‘round the pole

His King has set His footstool down

The Universe at His beck and call

Run to King Jesus, you who yearn

For rest beyond the dark

He who died that you may live

And rose to complete His work.


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By William L Peace Jr

Her flowered breath in my chapped ear
His protective hands leading her forward
The Eucharist of a morality tale for man
A living sacred symbol of a Savior’s ransomed people
A feeling
A selfless action
Denying his fleshly appeal for him
Her valiant “no” to feelings for her
Laying down one’s life for a friend
That God is mindful of us

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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True to form, there is no place/
I can hide from His face/
I turn to Him who gave me life/
Despite my place in all this strife. -blp2

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Frenzied Colors
William L Peace Jr.

Frenzied colors shifting through leafy ceiling
Motes slowly drifting towards ultimate completion
Unknowing of final destination or bearing
Merely weaving through liquid beams of light

Underfoot lay soft green-gilded leaves aplenty
Whispering words of unity and companionship
Their journey through life ends not in the sedentary
But continues in the feeding of the forest life.

Merely walking through this world in bliss
Beauty never ceasing nor lacking muse
I call upon the Creator’s infiniteness
Asking that the forest never fail

Yet in my arrogance He gently reminds
That this is merely a shadow of the next age
I smile and marvel that the forest bides
“If this is beauty, then what could then be?”

A breath of warm summer air I receive
The green leaves canopied above
The next world has much to achieve
If beauty it means to redefine
All in the name of love.

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William Lee Peace Jr.


These torn synapses fire at each thought

Obsessively running around

I am hard pressed to pin up

Each stray and cohesive sound


What’s done is done we must move on

Apathy shakes its ugly mane

Teeth glistening in a spacious maw

Thinking my actions and words inane


Soft and blonde are the gilded strands

Dark and blind the hangman smirks

Slow to see with bounded hands

The darkness that within me lurks


The scarred one with gentle hands stares

I call out yet hear nothing that matters

Broken shards rattle in my trembling chest

Yet all along knowing it would end in tatters


More alive than I would ever know

I was never on the gallows of red

With weeping eyes ever lowered

Saying goodbye to another friend

As Another takes their place


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