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So much to write.  I have been meaning to get here sooner but have not yet had the chance until now.

     One, Thank you to all the veterans who have fought to keep our country safe and free, no matter the cost – overseas and at home.

     I recently took a small jaunt to Pittsburgh to visit my friend who goes to Pittsburgh U (and by small, I mean 6 hours from Jersey to the city).  It was quite an experience.  One, where I hail from, there are bars on every corner and not much else.  In the city, as it is around several college campuses, the class is a bit higher.  An example:  I saw a girl in a red dress at a burger joint just for the heck of it.  Very different from here where the common attire for girls is sweat pants with some word across the butt, fake died blond hair the same color as everyone else, and some too small shirt.  Then there was a comic book store AND a gaming store, both not located in the same building.  Who does that?  So, I had a good time there.

     On my way back, I took a detour to Lancaster to visit some friends I had met at Lancaster Bible College during my freshman year (and only year) there.  It was nice to catch up, even though I only had an hour or two to spend there.  I always loved the country side, the smell of manure in the fields almost pleasant.  Very distinct.

     So, review time.  This is not one of the millions of review blogs out there.  so many others are doing it and can do it much better than I.  Just a small contribution from a different point of view perhaps.  I will do my best to alert you of spoilers.

     I saw Robin Hood and thought it was well done.  It is not the well-known (or oft-told) story of how Robin Hood and his band of merry men outsmart the sheriff and Prince.  It is the story of how he became Robin Hood.  There is a sex scene that could have been either played down or left out entirely.  Many could argue that it was for historical accuracy.  This can be done in other ways.  The character of Robin was nicely portrayed from some of the earlier stories where he is less than noble in actions.  All in all it was a good movie.

     Last night, I saw the new movie Prince of Persia.  I have been a fan of the Sands of time instalment for the PS2 for a long time and this was everything I wanted in the movie and more.  In fact, at the end, I was about to say “Good Game” then realized I was in a movie theater.  Then my friend next to me nodded and said “Good Game” and I laughed.  The action sequences were a big part of the movie, coming from Jerry Bruckhiemer I wasn’t surprised.  But as a fan of the game, I didn’t mind too much.  I’m not afraid to say I’m impressed with explosions and action at times.

     As a side note, I rented the new game Prince of Persia: the forgotten sands from blockbuster.  I expected it to be lame and awful, due to the fact that it was released around the same time as the movie and because the other titles since the “Sands of time” have not been satisfactory.  An hour into the game, I found myself getting board.  the story line was mediocre and the action was repetitive.  Then, around three or four hours into the game, I received my second power, to freeze water, the first being to rewind time.  After this it got a little more interesting but peaked shortly after again.  Then another power was introduced and it became a little more interesting.  I had been close to putting the game down and returning it but I plowed through.  I am glad I did.  The game went uphill for me from there.  The puzzles detracted from it but the free running mixed with the powers became epic.  and the last fight scene was amazingly crafted.  I have to say, it went from a two star rating to a five-star as I kept playing the game.  unusual as games usually start good and end poorly.  Disclaimer, not the best in the series but it was way better than the previous one.

     Now, for LOST.  Spoiler.  if you don’t want to know the ending, don’t read on.

     The ending sequence for the Island was amazing.  It was everything more than I wanted.  I knew going in it was not going to answer everything.  but what it did do was pretty nice.  The alternate universe ending though was everything they said they wouldn’t do.  cheap.  It made everything from the past season a filler.  I do have to say that I found it hilarious how Christian Shepherd became, and here I am quoting from a msnbc.com writer, Exposition Man after everything in the whole show would never give ANY exposition or as clear explanation.   I do have to say how I never got the name Christian Shepherd until Kate laughed at it.  Funny.  So, as I’m sure many others felt, I hated it and loved it.  There ya go.


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