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I don’t think I know you

You have this droopy face
They say full of pain and love
How can pain and love co-mingle?
How can pain and love be equally yoked?
The mystery and the scandal
That pain was the result of love
But I think they are wrong
For you see that pain and love don’t
Combine into this one droopy face
With a crown that represent all
Humanity’s accomplishments
We built pyramids from sand
We raised dirt into mountains
We took trees and created gods
We scarred the earth in search 
Of that precious mineral which one day
Would bring majestic heights to us
Yet all of our abilities as the human race
Come together in one rip
One  twist
One tryst between thorn and pate
I don’t know you 
I think they don’t either 
You, who held the quarks and their kin
From imploding and scattering
Quasars and galaxies spin endlessly
On your words
The stars sing your praise
The trees bend and weave your song
The birds and beasts know no other King
Your throne is the mountains
Your footstool the plains 
The ocean is your cup
They do not know you
Open their eyes so that they may know
The man who bore man’s crown
-ing achievement upon his brow
So that when you next come
They may recognize the crown
Made not by man
But by love

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By William L Peace Jr

Her flowered breath in my chapped ear
His protective hands leading her forward
The Eucharist of a morality tale for man
A living sacred symbol of a Savior’s ransomed people
A feeling
A selfless action
Denying his fleshly appeal for him
Her valiant “no” to feelings for her
Laying down one’s life for a friend
That God is mindful of us

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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The heart.  It is a symbol of Love, of Happiness, of a liking of something.  It is the picture of the word Love.


In our culture, Love has taken on several connotations other than strong, binding feelings between two or more people.  But this is nothing new.  “I love my wife” one might say.  “I love my Child.”  “I love my dog.”  “I love my couch.”  “I love that TV.”  “I love that movie.”  “I love the sunlight.”  “I love that joke.”  “I love to run.”  “I love…” and the list goes on and on and on.


We can love people.


We can love animals.


We can love inanimate objects.


We can love actions.


All of this loving we show with the picture of a heart.


But what about the actions we don’t love?


When a politician lies, saying one thing before election and doing another thing after, how do you view this?  When someone cheats on you, how do you view this?  When someone steals from you, how do you view this?


Do we “Heart” a lie?  Do we “Heart” a cheater?  Do we “Heart” a thief?


Why would you?


Would you even associate a “Heart” with one of those wrong doings?


In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus does.


Jesus associates the picture of the “Heart” with wrong doings.


The religious leaders of the day were concerned with actions.  They had the original law given to them by God.  They also had additional laws given to them by men that far outnumbered God’s laws.


They were looking at “Behavior.”  They were interested in “Behavior Modification.”


Jesus ripped that point of view to shreds when the religious leaders asked him why his disciples broke “The tradition of the elders.” (Matt 15:2)


Jesus turns the accusation around on the religious leaders, breaking down their dependence on law and tradition of men.  He concludes with the truth that “Out of the heart comes evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.  These are the things which defile the man.” (Matt 15:19,20a)


I am not here to give a complete breakdown of this.  It is an interesting study but I’m not that humble or well versed to lead you through it.


What I want you to see is that Jesus takes our view from one’s behaviors and turns it to the source of the behavior, one’s heart.


When you lie, that is a sin.  But that is not the end of it.  There is something deeper than the lie.  The heart is the source of the problem.


This hit me when I read it.  “The fact that I get angry, tell a lie, gossip, is because of something in my heart?”  This is something I learned long ago but forget every day.  This is why we need Jesus.  We can’t modify our behaviors because we cannot get to the root of the problem.  Only Jesus can transform our hearts, making us more like Him every day.


So, the next time you lie, cheat, gossip, or sin any other way, look at your heart.



Psalm 51:10

“Create in me a clean heart, oh God”




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I once heard the words of this title from a friend who writes far more than I do. He was explaining to another friend why he writes. Why he endlessly places words he hears onto paper (or the screen). Why he pulls words from the air and makes sense of them. He said, “If I don’t, I will die!” Not that his heart is laced with a sensor that, should he stop writing, will induce a heart attack. No. It’s in his blood. It’s how he processes the world.

Another friend of mine recently wrote a blog entry. Her second one. And in telling me about it, exclaimed, “I didn’t know I had it in me!” Well, she did. But what drew it out of her? Perhaps a tinge of what my first friend said. “If I didn’t, I would die.”

I have been wanting to write. I need to write. It hasn’t felt right though. Not quite. I suppose it never will. Thus, I sit here and wrestle with my mind. I take control of that which has been deadened by a day at work and a good .5 MG of Lorazepam. I push back the fog and look at what has been taken. These words I will write will be ripped from their rest. It will be a bloody mess, and I will hurt from it. These words wanted to be buried with me in death. Ironically they wanted to die instead of fulfill their purpose-keep me from death.

Because if I don’t, I will die!

I have always been fascinated by a good story. I have always had a book that I was never quite finished, thanks to my penchant for reading three or more books at a time. Ever since I read about a boy named Dick and his friend Jane watching their dog Spot (who could apparently run), I always craved conflict, near-defeat, action, excitement, and resolution. I wanted dearly to see how a character would react to a certain situation. How would Robin Hood deal with the sheriff? Would Arthur turn a blind eye to Lancelot and his love? I would read into the dead of night to find out how Tom and Huck saved their friend, Jim.

As I read these stories, I saw something laced between the words. I saw love. Robin and Marian. Tom and Becky. James T. Kirk and…well, yeah. And then I met her. The girl I knew I was supposed to be with. The girl I would eventually save from near and utter destruction. We were in 8th grade and she wouldn’t say a single word to me. I realized there was something more than me just wanting to hang out with her. I had these weird feelings for her. Why did I want to save her? Then I realized what it was. I liked her! I was Robin and she was Marian!

For various reasons, it did not work out. And by various, I mean she did not like me. (In hind site, I’m thankful she didn’t.) But I had opened a door. I wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship. What did Robin Hood feel with Marian? Well, I knew what he felt. Love. It said so on those white pages. And Robin was happy being in love. It would mean heartache but it would propel him to heights unknown. I wanted that. For if I claimed it, I would be happy. And so started my quest to attain happiness through love.

The years passed. I learned about God, life, and a plethora of other things. People passed in and out of my life, some to stay, some for a season. And always, the quest for love was in my mind. It started to become an obsession. It started to fuel my life. I figured ways to finish my quest. And like clock work, they all failed. During this time, I heard God calling me. Asking for my heart. I gave Him a lot. But not my quest. Not my desire for love. That was mine. I would hold onto that thank you very much.

So God did the only thing left for Him to do to get my attention. He let me have what I wanted. And I thought I met my Marian. Unfortunately, I had met my Guinevere. As my world ceased to function around me, as my mind started to break down, I had two alternatives. I could continue and be pulled into the black hole I was at the edge of. Or I could turn to my God and dig in.

I chose the latter.

God did the rest.

The pain was unbearable. He bore it for me.

The loneliness was deep. He was infinite.

I was broken. He was able to do what He needed then.

I finally learned what I needed to learn all along. My quest for happiness in love from a woman was doomed for failure from the beginning. I was looking for a finite handful of mud to fill the infinite hole within my soul. I would never find it here. I could only find it in Christ, who is my portion, and His love. True love, not the love of the moment.

I want to be satisfied in Christ. Then all else can fall into place. I want to fill my needs and desires with the love of Christ.

I have found myself looking to media to satisfy me. To relieve the darkness within me, to chase away the depression. But as I turn to that, to the need for a story, I find I need more and more to fill me. I need deeper, bigger, newer. I’m looking for something. And I feel as if this quest will determine my life as it has before with the search for Plato’s “the one”.

I was tempted to use a recent event in my life to doubt that God had the best planned for me. I found myself going back to the quest for happiness in a relationship.

But I will not let that happen this time. I will follow John Piper’s advice and make war against my “old man”. That is not how I will act from here on out. I am not going to find what I need in a relationship or a person. I will not find it in that single moment at the climax of a chick flick when the two loves run to each others arms.

That wont’, can’t, satisfy me.

I cannot let my life be determined by a single event or a set of circumstances. I cannot let my faith in God be determined by the outcome of following Him, as if I deserved recompense for laying down self and chasing after God. Though I lose my friends, time, money, or love itself, I will not stray from God. He spent so much for me to do so.

My life must be determined by my faith in Christ. I can’t let Satan lie to me any more. I am not basing my countenance on the circumstances of this world. I must be dead to this world. It must be nothing to me. I will not be tossed to and fro like mist on an ocean wave. I must live like my Lord is my portion.

Because if I don’t, I will die.

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Today is the remembrance of the day Christ was crucified on the cross on a hill in the middle east 2000 some years ago.

Apparently, it is also the day that people would like to remember earth…

Romans 1 talks about how humanity turns to worship creation rather than creator. Now, I understand this is not the day thousands of hippies get together to worship Gaia. I understand that Earth is under our God-given stewardship. But still, when it overshadows Good Friday, then its something to gripe about.

Anyway, now that that is out of the way, consider the price Christ paid on the cross as He stood under God’s wrath that was meant for all of mankind.


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Time.  Its interesting how something said to be arbitrarily calculated can be such a critical burden…or release.  As I have alluded in the past post, I have recently been doing a study on today’s culture/generation (unofficial, un-statistical, and unaudited).  This is not for a grade or for a promotion or anything.  Just mere  curiosity (something that drives me more than it should).

I have come upon this train of thought with the purchase ($50 refurb may I add!) of my new smartphone: iPhone 3GS.  In my head, I have an approval rating determined by several versions of myself roaming uninhibited within my head.  With the addition of this new piece of tech, my internal rating has gone through the roof.  Before, where receiving and responding to emails had been a chore, it is now simple.  Where connecting to facebook and keeping up with people was once a hassle (if I don’t normally talk with you to your face, its really not worth it), it is now simple.  And where flipping the switch and investing an hour or more into Desmond from Assassin’s Creed or one of the many variations of Prince from Prince of Persia (yeah, no, not Purple Rain) was a complete almost waste of time in my recent lifestyle, gaming has become simple, and I still can hold onto title of Gamer (slipping slowly and increasingly apathetically away from me).

Yet, with the increasingly simplicity of life (that I was ardently against vocally yet silently jealous of within), I am able to see whole new pitfalls.  As it is not Money itself but the love of money that is the root of all evil, I know that it is merely the poor use of time spent with this new tech and not the tech itself that can lead to all new problems.  The ease at which I can now pull myself from much needed time on my knees with my God is seriously increased.  The ease at which I can take a few seconds to look at a verse is now competing with the want to see whats going on in the world through Twitter (@wpeacejr -my professional avatar or @elterminado -my gamer avatar).

This being said, I believe that the culture is turning more and more to this tech.  Not in a bad way (yet to be seen anyway) but in a way that the way we connect as a community based people is changing.  Community is essential.  This is something I have been learning recently.  We need to pull away from Scot McKnight’s “self in a castle” (http://www.christianitytoday.com/le/communitylife/evangelism/thegospelforigens.html) and turn to the fiefdom of the community (a poor attempt to stay with McKnight’s analogy I understand).  This is where my study has taken me.  Unfortunately, I am now joining the mass of people who have illustrated the problem and have annoyingly not provided the solution.  Have fun with that.

This, then, leads me to another point- The Change.  More importantly, the change being brought about by God in my life.  If you recall, the second post I ever wrote was one on Love and such.  I had also commented on the fact that I was going through some things in life.  That was a year ago or so.  A long time yet none at all.  I can attest to the changing power of God’s love in my life.  And no the easy love where we overlook everything and speak softly to loved ones.  I am speaking of the dangerous Love, Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” (http://crazylovebook.com/), a love from the heart of the Holy One.  This is not to say I have arrived.  No, I am far from there and probably will not have arrived until I see my Savior’s face framed in Glory.  I am seeing character changes, awareness of my wicked heart before God, my awareness of my Justification in Christ alone, and my understanding of how God brought me not only to Himself but into His body, a body of believers.

This is a lot.  It is still largely unprocessed.  It is still fleshing itself out in my mind and heart and soul.  But in the tradition of early philosophers, thinkers, and academics alike, I shall attempt to name this, to call it something, to refer to it by a name or title.  The Change.  Simple, unassuming, non arrogant.  Millions have probably experienced the same thing.  Thus I am not going to take emotional or physical credit.

Ight, Peace.

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     No, there is no tequilla.  It seemed like it would make for a good story though, were there any.  Or so MTV would think.  But thats for another day.

     Today, we see what man does and what gods dream of.  I just returned from the seocnd viewing of Clash of the Titans in 3-D.  On a note about the 3-D, I heard some criticism on the fact that it was filmed in 2-D and then formatted into 3-D as an afterthought.  (This coming from Cameron who is thinking of reissuing Titanic in 3-D).  My gripe lies not with that aspect, although it did look a bit glitched in some areas, such as Hades forehead and hairpiece were slightly discombobulated during one scene.  My gripe lies in the fact that it has to be in 3-D at all.  it almost detracted from the movie for me.  But, alas, I am no movie editor so my opinion matters not.

     A main plot point in the movie was that of revenge.  Revenge is an interesting idea.  To carry it out is always described in literature as taking a low road, or becoming “one of them”.  Yet in hollywood, revenge is the food with which all action heroes sustain themselves.  Without revenge, there would be no Rambo, no Titans, and countless of other movies would lose thier momentum.  Growing up in the church, it was always told to us that “Revenge is God’s to take.”  This was a foriegn idea to me.  Why would God not let us take our vengance?  Of course, the most that had been ever wronged me was an insult or a sore ego.

     Then I learned truley the meaning of the word hatred.  I was wronged.  And, as is the habit of my mind, that verse kept popping up.  “Vengence is mine, says the Lord.”  But how I wanted to be the one to strike.  The one to see my foe dismantled and humiliated.  Then I arrived at a starteling conclusion, one that fit in with everything I was learning.  I will spare you my train of thought, riddled with ADD and tangents that would make a maze feel at home.  It was a simple idea that, as far as I know, has never been uttered before.  (Of course, because it has only been several thousand years that the words were uttered and only several million at the least have studied them, so why wouldn’t I be the first to connect two thoughts?)

     God claiming the right of vengance is a sign of His love for us.  Yes.  Vengance and love in the same sentance.  To put it out there for those of you who are probably thinking along other lines, yes, for us not to claim vengance is a sign of mercy, a sign of giving our enemies a chance to see the love of God.  But in this facet of vengance, I see God’s love for us, His children.  Simply put, that He would care that we were hurt to such an extent that He would personally take offence and jump in on our behalf, shows His love for us.  This blew me away.  So intense.  So personal.  So loving.

     If only Edmond Dantes learned that early on…

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