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I had kind of forgotten I had this blog site.  so, with several months and a whole lifetime in between, I am setting down words to paper, or, more literally, pressing fingers to keys.  This post is inspired and based on a sermon preached by Pastor Joe Suozzo at IBC Howell, NJ.

I understand that everyone and their mother are probably blogging right now.  Everyone has words to say.  everyone has an idea.  Mine is not to introduce a new idea and wow you all with words.  If I were able to do so, I would not be in my room typing this out on a computer from ’06.

In older days, so I hear, a man would make his intention known to the woman he wished to pursue.  There was no playing of being coy, hard to read, or sending mixed signals.  So let me lay down my intentions.  I intend to write more for me than an audience, as I do not know who reads these specifically.  I do have somewhat of an interest in writing and the best way to excel at something is to do it over and over again.  This is more of a public arena for practicing mincing of words and of crafting sentences.  I am also writing so that maybe I can encourage others.  That said, I will do my best not to waste the time I have been given.

Thus, I shall begin with a topic that is on most people’s hearts, especially concerning the holiday that just passed.  Love.  Love is a difficult thing.  it has been the main topic of countless works of word throughout the centuries, from Gilgamesh to Siddhārtha, from Beowulf to John Donne, from Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling.  But what is this Love thing that we speak of?  Fear not reader, I am far too humble to admit that I have it all figured out and you will not be board to death by my regaling of what I believe Love means.

No.  I will merely point to what one should consider before tackling that mighty, age-old question, “What is Love?”  In beginning to sort out the data and numbers on what love is, I am reminded of what the apostle John wrote so long ago.  In his first epistle, John writes “By this we know love, because [Christ] laid down His life for us…” (1 John 3:16a).  I like to think of this as the flip side of John’s first 3:16,” for God so loved the world that He gave His only son…”  It is only through this that we can know of true Love.  It is only through the knowledge of what God has done for us that we can truly understand Love itself.

Now, if there are people reading this, I understand there are some that believe that Love is something metaphysical, something we cannot hope to comprehend.  I will say I disagree with this statement.   But again, I am not here to rehash what has been talked about endlessly and will continue to be talked about till the end of time.

Now, we have the text.  We have the words.  Now for the experience.  I had grown up in church, knowing that I was supposed to Love God with all my heart, soul, and mind.  But I always questioned “how?”  How does one love God?  I had been young when I received Christ into my life.  My testimony is more about my life after grace than before.  I have no sordid ex-con, drug addict, brothel runner story.  Just merely born as a sinner and saved by grace.  I had forgotten what God had done for me.  I had let the story of Christ’s death become stale and moldy within my heart.

Recently I have lived through events that, without being too dramatic, made me question a lot of what I believed.  I am still in the middle of something I do not understand, nor could begin to understand.  But I have learned one very important thing through all of this.  I have begun to learn of God’s Love.  I saw what it was He saved me from, what I could have become.  And for this I am grateful.  Before, I could not truly say I loved God.  I did not know what it was to love God.  I could tell you that you should love God.  That Love is described as being patient, kind, etc… by Paul.  But I did not know how to love.

Again, I am not claiming a personal epiphany that no one else has uncovered.  I am merely stating what I have experienced so as to provide some encouragement, if any be taken, for those who are in the same place or were in the same place as me.  Take it for what it is.  And thank you for reading.


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