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     No, there is no tequilla.  It seemed like it would make for a good story though, were there any.  Or so MTV would think.  But thats for another day.

     Today, we see what man does and what gods dream of.  I just returned from the seocnd viewing of Clash of the Titans in 3-D.  On a note about the 3-D, I heard some criticism on the fact that it was filmed in 2-D and then formatted into 3-D as an afterthought.  (This coming from Cameron who is thinking of reissuing Titanic in 3-D).  My gripe lies not with that aspect, although it did look a bit glitched in some areas, such as Hades forehead and hairpiece were slightly discombobulated during one scene.  My gripe lies in the fact that it has to be in 3-D at all.  it almost detracted from the movie for me.  But, alas, I am no movie editor so my opinion matters not.

     A main plot point in the movie was that of revenge.  Revenge is an interesting idea.  To carry it out is always described in literature as taking a low road, or becoming “one of them”.  Yet in hollywood, revenge is the food with which all action heroes sustain themselves.  Without revenge, there would be no Rambo, no Titans, and countless of other movies would lose thier momentum.  Growing up in the church, it was always told to us that “Revenge is God’s to take.”  This was a foriegn idea to me.  Why would God not let us take our vengance?  Of course, the most that had been ever wronged me was an insult or a sore ego.

     Then I learned truley the meaning of the word hatred.  I was wronged.  And, as is the habit of my mind, that verse kept popping up.  “Vengence is mine, says the Lord.”  But how I wanted to be the one to strike.  The one to see my foe dismantled and humiliated.  Then I arrived at a starteling conclusion, one that fit in with everything I was learning.  I will spare you my train of thought, riddled with ADD and tangents that would make a maze feel at home.  It was a simple idea that, as far as I know, has never been uttered before.  (Of course, because it has only been several thousand years that the words were uttered and only several million at the least have studied them, so why wouldn’t I be the first to connect two thoughts?)

     God claiming the right of vengance is a sign of His love for us.  Yes.  Vengance and love in the same sentance.  To put it out there for those of you who are probably thinking along other lines, yes, for us not to claim vengance is a sign of mercy, a sign of giving our enemies a chance to see the love of God.  But in this facet of vengance, I see God’s love for us, His children.  Simply put, that He would care that we were hurt to such an extent that He would personally take offence and jump in on our behalf, shows His love for us.  This blew me away.  So intense.  So personal.  So loving.

     If only Edmond Dantes learned that early on…


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