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True Gamer?

In my running to and fro, I have come to realize that the amount of time I invest in video games on a daily basis, let a long a weekly basis, has diminished quite drastically.  This is due to several changes in my schedule, life, and mindset.  More on this.

Previous to this change, I have unabashedly and unwaveringly referred to myself as a gamer.  Never having attained hardcore status (I never even made it through all of FF8), I still ran the gambit in the different genres (RTS, RPG, Strategy, Action, Adventure, etc) with the exception of sports (if your going to play football, go outside).

Now, with a finality that makes my skin crawl, I am hanging up my controllers for a season.  I am powering down my system.  I am putting the game back into its case.

I am no longer a Gamer.

I have been looking at more blogs recently, as I have the time to, and realize one major factor.  They are all designed with a single topical purpose.  A glance at my blog will tell people I have missed that.  I am all over the place.  A look at my tags will show this as well.  Yet, as I have stated before, and have held to, the purpose of this blog was an introductory one.  I knew nothing about blogging.  Nothing about choosing a cool name other than my initials.  I see some common threads throughout this blog and I have a couple ideas where to take them.  But more on that later as well.

I have been finding that I am becoming more and more hungry for the word of God.  Its interesting.  I used to read a small devotional during breakfast and that was it.  Now I’m listening to sermons by  Matt Chandler in my spare time and reading books by John Piper and J.I. Packer.  I am learning so much about who God is, who we are in God, and what we are to do with that. Yet I found myself forgetting the very things I was learning.  I had even taught on Romans chapter 8 and I still forgot to keep my eyes on Christ and think of things above Colossians 3:1,2.  So I am learning still.  But I am seeing fruit in my life and that excites me.  Praise be to God.

Which brings me to my last point.  Ted Dekker.  I used to love reading his works.  His books were full of action and good plot lines.  He even had an interesting character with my name.  The other day, I checked his newer book out of the library, “Immanuel’s veins” and started to read it.  Around the third page in, I put the book down.  I always knew his writing wasn’t the best.  I always gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he would get better.  I was wrong.  He has actually gotten worse.  Now, like I said, I have been reading some hefty books lately so I’m not sure that his writing has become worse or that I see it for the low quality writing it is.

Ight.  Peace


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