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Hell’s Bell

Yes, I am joining the million Born Again Christians who is speaking out against Rob Bell’s new book.  Love Wins.  I watched his NOOMA videos in youth group back in ’03, ’04 and remember thinking that it was interesting, a little off sounding but they were ok.  Then I remember reading his book, “Velvet Elvis” and, though I cannot remember why, I know I did not like it.  His writing is very easy to understand but his views are very watery, vapory, and ethereal.  There was no real ground for them and they did not stand up to simple Bible truth.  This being said, I was slightly surprised when I read a sample (not worth the $10 yet due to the fact that I will only give it another paragraph or so of thought.)

Rob Bell is not a Calvinist in any of the points whatsoever.  I will not touch that as some brilliant men are not as well.  What I am concerned about is the fact that he seems to lump humanity all under God’s Mercy which in fact the Bible clearly states we are not all under God’s mercy.  Secondly, he seems to take all the sovereignty from God in several paragraphs.

Later, I hear he claims hell is not a real place, or something to that effect.  A question he does raise is very relevant though.  He queries whether or not Heaven is the ultimate goal of our witnessing.  I have personally struggled through this, without reaching a conclusion as of yet.

All said and done, though, in searching through what others have said about this, I enjoyed a tweet from @JamieReckless “Why is everyone so shocked that “pastors” like Rob Bell,Joel Osteen,& Jay Bakker are teaching a user friendly gospel?Our Bible tells us this”.  Very true.  He teaches what everyone wants to hear and people like him for it.  OK.  I’m done.

P.S. One more thing: What does Rob Bell believe?

and the follow up with the interviewer, Martin Bashir: Interview by Paul Edwards with Martin Bashir

Edit 4/9/11

Here is a site with a nice timeline of whats going on with Rob Bell in his heretical ravings.

Chronology of Bell’s Hell


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