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One Milligram


William Lee Peace Jr.


Empty voices floating around

There is to be no concrete vision

Visceral images dulled by sound

One whole milligram causes cognitive collision


Vying for attention yet seemingly unheard

Empty spaces where words seldom crawl

Clicking silently through and through

Reaching for underhanded lye, the words stall


Yesterday, under only point five mill.

Words had become such a drag

Constantly rearing their ugly heads

It was all I could do not to snag


Random motifs and incoherent thought

Wrapped around the devils thumb

Motes of heavens light shone upon

And I the meaning to life sought


Yes, I must agree, simple extra is callous

Unheard melodies within the strain

To simply grasp what we cannot feel

To go from half to one is the writers bane


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