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     I am going to NYC this weekend to see a stage production of C. S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters”.  I am pumped.  C. S. Lewis has always been somewhat of a literary hero of mine.  I even read a biography of him (I know, I don’t read a lot of non fiction, nevermind biographies so this was a feat for me).

     I am also in the middle of a pretty good book, Joshua Harris’ “Dug Down Deep”.  What?  Yes, the guy who hates dating.  But this is a book about theology, a shift from his previous work on purity and such.  It’s a good beginner book on doctrine and theology in the Biblical sense.  He hits the major theological points: God’s sovereignty, the Holy Spirit, Veracity of the Bible, as well as other main topics.  It strips away Christianity based on an experiental view and gets into the truth of what scripture teaches.  I would recomend it to new believers who are starting to make thier way into the study of scripture.

     New York City and onward.  Dinner after the play.  Should be fun.


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