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William Lee Peace Jr.


These torn synapses fire at each thought

Obsessively running around

I am hard pressed to pin up

Each stray and cohesive sound


What’s done is done we must move on

Apathy shakes its ugly mane

Teeth glistening in a spacious maw

Thinking my actions and words inane


Soft and blonde are the gilded strands

Dark and blind the hangman smirks

Slow to see with bounded hands

The darkness that within me lurks


The scarred one with gentle hands stares

I call out yet hear nothing that matters

Broken shards rattle in my trembling chest

Yet all along knowing it would end in tatters


More alive than I would ever know

I was never on the gallows of red

With weeping eyes ever lowered

Saying goodbye to another friend

As Another takes their place



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